Big rocky panels with natural deep texture
for unique and safe interiors
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What you need to know about panels
  • Siberian basalt
  • Karelian slate
  • Tunisian sandstone
  • 60 х 30 cm
  • 60 х 60 cm
  • 120 x 60 cm
  • 120 х 30 cm

  • any on your choice
  • more dimensions - any texture
  • seamless rocky wall - only Siberian basalt
Weight 1,62 - 6,5 kg
It is possible to mount the panels on an unprepared wall with "liquid nails" glue. This can be done even at night.
Neighbors and their small children approve. Holes for sockets can be made on the sight.
Опция "Престиж"
000 р.
000 р.
Вы можете заказать недоступные в базовом комплекте цвета:
  • Дикий мрамор
  • Алтайская скала
В комплекте есть 2 полки из акрилового стекла.

Можно увеличить площадь на 1 или более м2.

Возможность изменить раскладку. Мы предложим различные варианты компоновки панелей.
Опция "Привилегия"
000 р.
000 р.
Каждую панель можно покрасить в свой цвет на ваш выбор.

Полки на выбор:
  • МДФ
  • акриловое стекло
  • сталь
LED-подсветка между панелями включена в комплект.

Можно увеличить площадь на 1 или более м2.

Мы сделаем каждую панель уникального размера по вашему желанию.

Возможность изменить раскладку. Мы предложим различные варианты компоновки панелей.
Опция "Свой шедевр"
от 25
000 р.
Если выбрать эту опцию, мы предложим еще больше фактур, цветов, размеров и форм.
Мы также предложим создать уникальную фактуру, которая будет только в вашем интерьере. Вы сможете сами "высечь" текст в камне. К примеру свое имя.
Помимо этого вы сможете заказать роспись камня наскальным рисунком или нанести следы когтей древних животных.
Take a look at the
surface of panels
Safer than stone
Water resistant
That's why panels are better than natural stone
We produce panels of durable polyurethane.
We use eco-friendly polyurethane. It does not emit harmful substances and has no radiation background
Panels do not absorb water and do not react with it. The material is not porous, and water has nowhere to accumulate. Mold does not form on the panels
Panels can be vacuumed, wiped with a damp cloth, rubbed with a brush. They do not need to be treated in a special way
Weight from 5 to 12 kg per m2. Installation of 5 square meters will take a couple of hours
They can be pre-ordered or done on site
Easy to clean
2-hours mount
Holes for sockets
Holds the weight of a human
Mount on any wall
Easy to clean
Natural surface
Resistance to
temperature drop
Rocky Quick Panels
Does not produce dust
Use in water or humid premises
Surface design
Quiet mount, happy neighbors
Leave a request for a free consultation before the end of the day, and we will tell you how else you can make a prestigious emphasis in the interior.
Leave a request and we will contact you!
Нажимая на кнопку, вы даете согласие на обработку персональных данных
We make panels of durable and environmentally friendly polymer.
Eco-friendly safe material
Rocky Quick Panels will be the accent of any interior. They will attract attention. Tactile and visual sensations correspond to the stone.
We have kept the aesthetics of the stone
Weight from 5 to 12 kg per m². Installation of 5 m² will take a couple of hours. Mounted on any wall with the glue "liquid nails" without reinforcing the walls, unlike natural stone.
Weight and method of installation
Panels can be used outside. The material does not fade, is not afraid of cold and heat. It is non-porous, water has nowhere to accumulate. After a heavy rain and subsequent freezing, the panels will not crack, as natural stone does. Temperature permitted from -50 to 90 degrees celsius.
Temperature, water and sun
The material is difficult to scratch or cause other damage. But even if someone manages to do this, we will send the repair kit, and the repair will take 5 minutes.
Strong as carbon fiber
There is no better designer than nature
Lee Alexander McQueen, designer
We have made nature more accessible.
Visit us. We will show you live panels and tell a little bit more.
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